Pitt Biospecimen Core

Prospective Tissue Collection and Banking

Storage and filing of specimens

If not disbursed fresh, samples are stored in -80° mechanical freezers or liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage in our CAP-accredited facility.

All samples are subject to our robust quality assurance program.

The PBC has implemented a unique inventory system called the Biospecimen Inventory and Operations System (BIOS).  This web-based system was activated in 2010 and is currently in use throughout the 4 PBC sites (Presbyterian, Shadyside, Magee and Passavant) and allows for integration of demographic and medical records information with the tissue resources.

Data Annotation

The PBC has the ability to provide annotated clinical data for procured specimens by way of the following avenues:

  • A relationship with the UPMC CancerCenter Registry to obtain data on the continuance of care and detailed patient specific annotation.
  • Direct access to CoPath to provide de-identified pathology reports.
  • Collaboration with TIES, the Text Information Extraction System.

Getting Started

Tissue banking services are financially supported by funded grants or fee-for-service cost recovery.  Please contact Susan M. Kelly (412-864-6658, kellysm@upmc.edu) or Nicole Pistorius (412-623-5890, pistoriusnd@upmc.edu) to discuss how to obtain these services or for assistance in developing a budget.